Did You Know…

Dental phobia in adults is most frequently the result of a traumatic experience as a child.

Our practice enthusiastically treats an enormous number of pediatric patients, ranging from in-hospital treatment of newborns to teenagers with wisdom tooth problems and everything in between. Be confident that any one of our oral surgeons in NYC will provide the necessary attention to your child’s teeth whether it’s for a regular dental checkup or a dental emergency in NYC or the surrounding area.

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that children are not just “little adults” – they are quite different anatomically, physiologically, psychologically and emotionally. We prefer to meet all of our pediatric patients prior to scheduling any surgical procedures so that we may better assess any special needs they may have. This also gives the child patient a chance to meet and interact with us, which is quite helpful in allaying any apprehension they might have. It also allows us to select the best approach regarding a choice of anesthetic technique.

Extractions and Beyond…

Extraction of deciduous teeth (“baby teeth”) may be necessary for various reasons, such as trauma, advanced decay or infection; more frequently deciduous teeth are removed as part of an overall orthodontic treatment plan. We work closely with many orthodontic practices. Other surgical procedures possibly necessary as part of an orthodontic treatment plan include the removal of selected permanent teeth (usually bicuspids) in cases of severe crowding, to allow the orthodontist to correctly align the remaining teeth, as well as the exposure (uncovering) of impacted teeth (most frequently canine or “eye” teeth) to enable the orthodontist to guide them into their proper position.

The Experience

We are proud of our “kid friendly” staff, all of whom love treating children. All of us go to great lengths to make sure our pediatric patients have a stress-free and painless experience. We have found that the little touches, such as headphones and music or videos in the surgical suite, a warming blanket in the recovery room and post-operative ice cream make a positive difference in the child’s experience at our office.


We also fully understand that surgical procedures on children are often anxiety producing for parents ( after all, we are parents too! ) – we are committed to being available to spend as much time as needed to answer all your questions, before or during the initial “meet the doctor” visit.

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